Help us to say goodbye in style!

Last update: August 22nd 2003 - The end has arrived!.


LAST EVER DER KELLER : Friday August 29th 2003

For the last time featuring the talents of:

Mikkael - Founder, der Keller Resident DJ and sometime guest DJ at worthwhile events

Petrushka - der Keller Resident DJ and Darkwings regular

Phildo - Resident evil?? (puh-leeease, about as evil as a pink woolen knit-wear jumper), beer monster

EVAC - Monochrome and Sputnik Dj extraordinaire

Jesus HP Lovecraft - Ex der Keller resident, behind the mirror DJ, critical mass DJ and Jed Whitey (ALLLLLLRIGHTY) bassist

Nasty - Previous der Keller guest DJ, A Means to an End drummer and generally grim individual

The Apostate - Metalhead Maestro from hell \../.

And more to be announced on the night... PLUS! loads of special "things" on the night.

der Keller may be dead, but some of its DJ's live on! keep your ears and eyes open for more

and remember to tune into darkwings (Mondays) and behind the mirror (Wednesdays) on RTR-FM.

maybee also the links below the flier will help locate some of those favorite DJ's of yours..



Located at: Hickeys Cinecellars Tavern (141 Murray St (corner Barrack St) Perth, Western Australia)

8:30pm - 12:30am

please note; der Keller is held in a licensed venue and as such is an 18+ event





Thankyou, and goodnight.